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A UK Private Company limited by shares incorporated as you require from the start
5-8 days
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Overview of Our Tailored Service
The Total Incorporation Solution!
This is a unique internet service that allows you to set up a UK Private Company limited by shares as you require from the start. The company will be a new incorporation.

The service takes about 5-8 working days.

Please see below for further details on our tailored new-incorporation service. If you have any problems or further questions then please feel free to email us - replies usually the same day.

Further Details On Our Tailored Service
If you would like to incorporate a company using this service please complete our order form.
Please do not be put off by the length of the form it is quite quick and easy to fill out.

On completion of the order form we will set up the company as you have indicated and send you the documents for signing the same day via first-class post.

All you have to do on receipt of the forms is check that all is correct, sign the forms, include payment and return to us in the envelope provided.

Once we have received the signed documents we will complete the incorporation process which will take about 5-7 days from this point.

You get to choose from the start the:

  • Name of the Company - please find an available name to start with by searching in our Company Name Availability Database.

  • Who the director(s) will be.

  • Who the secretary will be.

  • Where the registered office will be located.

  • What the authorised share capital will be.

  • Who the shareholder(s) will be and how many shares they should receive.

    The Company is incorporated with a general objects clause which allows it to undertake all legal business activities.

  • Payment for the Tailored Service
    The total cost is 95 which includes all the formation costs, a completed Loose-leaf register (see right) and first-class postage costs.

    We include an invoice with the documents for signing. We ask that payment is included with the signed documents so that we may start the incorporation process.

    For international orders the cost includes normal air-mail costs - we can ship by courier or other methods but would have to pass the cost on to you.

    There are no further costs - 95 sets the company up from the start as you require to start trading.

    We accept cheque or the following credit cards:

    What Is Involved
    We incorporate the company with ourselves (IGP Corporate Nominees Ltd.) as a second secretary in order to sign the incorporation declaration. We (IGP Corporate Nominees Ltd.) resign immediately upon incorporation. We provide a copy of the resignation form as proof that we have resigned.

  • Witness:
    The shareholders' signatures must be witnessed. There are no special requirements for the witness. Any person will do as long as they are not involved in the company.

  • How long until incorporation:
    The company would be formed in 5-8 working days once documents have been signed and returned to us.

  • Total Cost:
    The total cost of the above service is 95 and sets up the company as you require from the start.

    We are also including a Company Register for the price above with all the statutory sections filled in as you have indicated in the above form.

  • In Case of Problems:
    We hope you will use this unique internet service but if it is easier if you do not then please let us know.
  • Comments from Previous Clients
    Please have a look at our clients' comments page.

    All the comments contained here are un-edited and all our clients get a chance to write comments on the service that we provide.

    What the Tailored Service Includes
    A Company set-up as you want from the start:
    The company is ready to trade from its incorporation date - no further work is required on your behalf.

    There are no further charges to be incurred: the next charge for the company would be one year after incorporation when the first annual return is due at a cost of 15 payable to Companies House. It is a complete solution.

    A Completed Loose Leaf Register
    A completed Loose-leaf register. Our current offer includes a loose-leaf register. We will complete all the entries - according to your submitted order form so that the register is up to date and is ready for the company to start trading. The offer also includes printed and completed Share Certificates - all you need do is have the director(s)/secretary sign them and hand them to the new shareholder(s).
    Certificate of Incorporation
    The Certificate of Incorporation of the company.
    This formally gives the date that the company was incorporated on and consequently the date on which it may start trading. It also includes the registered number of the company.
    Minutes of the First Meeting
    Minutes of the first meeting of the directors. These minutes formally appoint the director(s) and secretary and deal with autnorisation for the opening of a bank account and appointment of auditors if neccesary.
    Photocopies of all Documents Sent to Companies House
    We photocopy all the documents that we send to Companies House for incorporation of the company so that you have a complete record of the company.

    The copies also include the Memorandum and Articles of Association as submitted to Companies House.

    The copies also include a copy of our resignation form as second secretary of the company - as proof that we have done this.

    Three Copies of the Articles and Memorandum of Association
    We include three copies of the Memorandum and Articles of Association. These can be handed to the shareholders so they know 'company rules'. A copy is usually required by a bank on opening an account for the company.
    Companies House Booklet - The New Company Looking Forward
    This booklet includes:

    Information for the new director(s). Information on the when accounts should be submitted.

    Information on the accounting reference date.

    Information on running the company with regards to filing forms at Companies House.

    A copy of this booklet is available on the internet.

    Email Updates
    At each stage of the incorporation process we keep you informed via email updates.

    Once we have received the Certificate of Incorporation we email you the same day with the company number and date of incorporation. The company pack is then sent out to you the same day.

    If you have any questions or queries please feel free to email us.

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