Information for Consultants
uk.consultants newsgroup - frequently asked questions
The most frequently asked questions from the uk.consultants newsgroup
An Introduction to Contracting
Thinking of becoming a consultant? This site contains useful advice and information.
Securing Domain Names
IntelliNet WHOIS Query Server
Use the search engine here to check on name availability
Online Domain Name Registration Services - Domain Name Lookup
NetNames: Internet Domain Name Registry
Providing domain name registration services
Useful Business Information
Freepages Ltd - Homepage
Answerlink, Plc.
Add the human touch with a telephone receptionist service
The Post Office
Postal services and charges
Get a personal 0700 number for life
The Moneyweb Site
Home Page FAQ (Located on Moneyweb)
- newsgroup frequently asked questions
Moneyweb Guide to UK Personal Finance - Business Protection inc. Keyman, Partnership Assurance ,Company Director Share
Moneyweb Guide to UK Personal Finance - Small Self Administered Scheme (SSAS) FAQ ADVISERS, (Located on Moneyweb) FAQ Equities (Located on Moneyweb) FAQ INVESTMENTS (Located on Moneyweb) Mortgages (Located on Moneyweb) FAQ PENSIONS (Located on Moneyweb)
Moneyweb Guide to UK Personal Finance - Pensions
Moneyweb Guide to UK Personal Finance - Small Self Administered Scheme (SSAS) Loans
Moneyweb Guide to UK Personal Finance - Small Self Administered Scheme (SSAS) and Property
Moneyweb Guide to UK Personal Finance - Sole purpose test for Small Self Administered Scheme (SSAS)
Tax Investigation Consultants
Purple Training Tax Net
Customs & Excise Home Page
Includes VAT information
Inland Revenue Home Page
Erggghhhh........Income tax
HM Customs and Excise PRESS RELEASE MENU
Contributions Agency
Information on national insurance contributions
Welcome to Cazenove Unit Trust Management Limited
Includes tax figures for the 1996/7 tax year
MoneyWorld UK Home Page
NetNITCO Home Page
Financial Page
An excellent collection of financial links
Learning Page
An excellent collection of educational links
NetNITCO News and Information Sources
An excellent collection of newspaper links
Job Agencies
IT Jobs
P E O P L E b a n k
The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales
Andersen Consulting Home Page
Welcome to Coopers & Lybrand
Banking Advice from former UK Bank Managers
The Offshore Entrepreneur
Price Watch - Street Price Search Engine
The future of the internet? Transparent prices for goods.
Samuel Denton's Surf Shack/Agony
A few words on the internet and the arm of the law
Legal Resources Pages, maintained by Delia Venables
Legal, Political and Social Issues of the Internet
A paper by Delia Venables on the legal implications of the internet
The Law Society
Foreign & Commonwealth Office, London (tables)
Houses of Parliament
Find your MP then Email him/her with your views
The Third Foundation - Political Resources
Useful directory on political internet sites
HMSO and Parliament
The European Union
CCTA Government Information Service
Welcome to HM Treasury's Home Page
The Investor's Website
The American Stock Exchange
Berbiz - Information on Bermuda
CMC - 24hr foreign exchange trading service
Business Solutions - Planet Author and Network Gateway
Welcome to Cazenove Unit Trust Management Limited
WallStreetWeb by
U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission
The St.Petersburg Business Journal
The Offshore Entrepreneur
The Investor's Website
MoneyWorld UK Home Page
ESI Free Services
Check your stock portfolio - even trade a little
Cazenove Unit Trust Management Limited
Fidelity Investments - UK
Financial Times Group
Useful business news and the ability to check your stock portfolio
European Union Bank
Get a bank account in Antigua online
Alliance & Leicester Web
Wells Fargo's WWW Home Page
Get a bank account in the United States then bank by internet
NETBanker: The Web Home of Online Banking Report
InterNect Financial Resources - Banks
First Chicago Online
Banking Advice from former UK Bank Managers
Good advice from your bank manager? Is there such a thing? - useful information on banks and banking
Radio - RealAudio
Timecast: The RealAudio Guide
Directory of RealAudio sites
The AudioNet Jukebox
People's Radio Network
WOR 710AM, New York, New York
Welcome To AudioNet!!
CBC Radio News (Imperial College Mirror)
c|net radio - what's new
@Computerworld Audio
Industry.Net Report - Headline News for Industry
Useful internet reports
The Fortune Business Report 5/10/96
Useful business reports
Hightower Radio
Entertainment Tonight
Earth & Sky
Virgin Live Radio
It's good to have one UK radio station on the internet
AudioNet Home Page
RealAudio Homepage
RealAudio: ABC News
News - Updates every 15 minutes
RealAudio: National Public Radio
RealAudio: NPR's Morning Edition
National Public Radio's (American) morning program in pick and mix format
Welcome to the World Radio Network!
World-Wide Newspapers
NetNITCO News and Information Sources
Directory of Newswires and News Information
Online DailyNews
Melbourne Newspaper - The Age
The St Petersburg Times
The Independent Online Newspaper - South Africa
Hongkong Standard
American Newspapers
The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition
Los Angeles Times Web Site
Welcome to!
TimesFax 2 - New York Times (Acrobat)
The San Francisco Chronicle
The New York Times on the Web
The Chicago Tribune
UK Newspapers
London Evening Standard
The Times
The Sunday Times
The PA NewsCentre
FT Home Page
Welcome to Times Newspapers Ltd. Internet Space
Electronic Telegraph
Anorak - The Front Pages
A daily round-up of UK tabloids - very entertaining
Financial Times Group
Scallywag's Home Page
The Guardian / The Observer
Online Magazine Table of Contents
Time Out - World Map
What's on in London
TIME World Wide Home Page
Welcome to Pathfinder
The Electronic Newsstand Home Page
SPIEGEL online
Sky Internet
Playboy Home Page - Open your mind!
New Scientist:Planet Science
Economist, The
Business Information
Dun & Bradstreet Information Services
CCTA Government Information Service
UKdirectory - Welcome!
The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition
The PA NewsCentre