Please Note
Our company name database contains the names of companies incorporated in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) - approximately 1.4 million. The database is updated periodically.

It is not a real time source of information

and therefore should only be used to give an indication as to the availability of company names. (Please see further information below.)

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Use of the Database
The database should be used to give an indication as to the availability of company names since some company names will be added as they are incorporated. These names are not included in the database after the above date.
However given that the database is so large it is very unlikely that your chosen name will be affected by subsequent name changes.

If your name is available then there is small chance that another company may have been incorporated with the name since . This is however quite slim and the database should give a good indication as to the availability of your company name.

Please see details on the right for an up-to-date name check.
Searching for numbers
If you are searching on a number then please search for both numerals and the equivalent word to check on availability. e.g. conduct a search on 15 and fifteen; 20th and Twentieth etc....
Sensitive Words
Certain words that can be used in company names are 'sensitive'.

If you wish to incorporate a company with one of these words then special conditions must be met.

For a list of these words please click here.

Up-to-Date Name Check and Enquiries
If you wish to have up-to-date information on name availability then please fill in our name availablility form.

We will then check on the current availability of your name(s) at Companies House and email a reply back to you the same day.

Please also feel free to use the form to send us enquiries. Or Email us if you wish.

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